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Digitalization. Integration. Automation.

Software for People at Work – System Integration for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Digital Sovereignty through Open Software

Software solutions for industry since 2001

About Us

Every workplace places special demands on people and technology. For us at wobe-systems, the goal since 2001 has been to achieve smooth interaction between human and machine. With software, we make work more flexible, clearer and safer.

What can we do for you?

The optimal software for your company

To ensure that your project is optimally positioned right from the start, we offer all the services you need. From the idea to the implementation and operation.


Innovation helps companies to adapt quickly and unerringly to new situations in the market.

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Software engineering

We find the optimal solution for our customers. Sustainable, future-proof and elegant.

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Project engineering

Together with our partners, we take responsibility for the success of your project.

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System integration

We connect your tools to create a system.

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Predictive maintenance, optimization or error analysis – Monitoring provides the necessary information.

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System Analysis

Finding hidden potential and opportunities for new goals.

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Products and Projects

Customized products and software solutions

For and together with our customers, we develop desktop applications, mobile apps and cloud-native applications. Our system experts integrate existing systems and develop new services for the automation of processes.