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Full Stack B2B Software development for the highest requirements

We offer everything necessary for a successful software project


Innovation helps companies to adapt quickly and unerringly to new situations in the market.

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Software engineering

We find the optimal solution for our customers. Sustainable, future-proof and elegant.

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Project engineering

Together with our partners, we take responsibility for the success of your project.

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System integration

We connect your tools to create a system.

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Predictive maintenance, optimization or error analysis – Monitoring provides the necessary information.

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System analysis

Finding hidden potential and opportunities for new goals.

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What is Innovation?

When companies deal with innovation, the first major challenge is to create a common understanding of what innovation is. Over time, many definitions of innovationon have been formulated.

For us, innovation is a process that brings hidden ideas to light, refines, reviews, explores and develops them. The ideas are prepared in such a way that they can be implemented in concrete projects and create new value for customers and companies.

Design Thinking

Creative workshops based on methods such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints and the Walt Disney-Methode provide the starting point for innovative projects.

Experienced facilitators work with people from different areas in the company to develop joint ideas until they are ready for decision-making.


Over 90% of all innovative products fail. With our evaluation methods we help companies to find “The Right Innovation”. The goal is to determine as much as possible about an idea’s chances of success with few resources.

“Think big and test local” is the motto. We help to design and evaluate tests. We use the possibilities of a networked world to the advantage of our customers.

Digital Transformation

Of course, as a software company, digital transformation is close to our hearts. We use our more than 20 years of experience in the software industry to find the right solution for our customers.
We work with our customers to develop important requirements for process and product innovation and help them make even better decisions.
Software engineering

Implement ideas with software and react to new requirements flexibly

From requirements management and development to operation and support. We develop everything from mobile apps to complex applications for Internet browsers as Software as a Service (SaaS). Modular, service-oriented architectures create solutions that remain adaptable and extensible over time.

Methods such as DevOps and flow-based work organization make it possible to implement new requirements in a short time. This helps our customers to make the most of market opportunities.

Mastering requirements

Understanding, capturing and communicating the requirements correctly often determines the success or failure of software projects.

In workshops we determine goals and requirements:

  • Functional requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • Quality requirements

Depending on the project, we prepare the documentation for agile, iterative or classic implementation.

Developing suitable software

Software quality is important for

  • Maintainability
  • Extensibility
  • Applicability

We focus on transparency when it comes to quality, so that every project receives the quality it needs to be successful.

Support and operation

The software is ready … what’s next?

We operate our software solutions for our customers:

Our support is available around the clock on request. Because production systems must be available at all times!

Project engineering

Bringing dynamic software projects safely across the finish line

Software and digititalization projects pose a particular challenge due to their highly dynamic nature. Using agile project management methods, we can continuously adjust the course to changing conditions even late in the project. This is how we bring projects safely across the finish line.

Together with our customers, partners and other companies involved, we ensure a smooth process and reliable planning.

Project planning

It is said: “No plan survives the first contact with reality!”. Nevertheless, reliable planning is imperative.

Therefore, plans in volatile projects must be continuously adjusted.

We identify project risks and help to take them into account during planning so that a quick response can be made later, if necessary.

Project communication

Communication is the essence of a project, so that all project participants are always up to date and problems are identified and resolved promptly.

Functioning and fast feedback loops bring bottlenecks and misunderstandings to light before they become a problem.

Initial help with projects

We would be happy to use our experience to help you to get your projects that are not running optimally back on track.

In a free and non-binding consultation, we determine how we can help.

System integration

As system integrators, we connect individual components and automate your processes

System integration: The embedding of IT systems and technologies in everyday working life.

The human being is the center of attention. Complex systems become safely operable through automation and visualization of processes.

Data integration: The merging of data from multiple disparate sources with the goal of providing meaningful and valuable information.

The process includes recording, cleansing, mapping and transforming the data.

Connect interfaces

Especially the integration of heterogeneous system landscapes, as often found in small and medium-sized enterprises, brings challenges.

There is a lack of standards and complete information on existing interfaces in devices and software tools.

We analyze what is possible (e.g. with reverse engineering) and take you to the next level of process automation and data utilization.

Automate processes

More and more business is being done online. Entrepreneurs are creating portals where customers can order individual products.

Industry 4.0 and Batchsize 1 are creating new scope in production. The automation of ordering and planning processes provides the technical prerequisites for effectively using this scope.

Further advantages of automation:

  • Ensure and continuously improve quality
  • Create scope for new business models

Master complexity

Our workplaces are becoming increasingly complex. Technology help to keep this complexity under control.

Employees maintain an overview and sources of error are reduced..

For this we offer:

  • Ergonomic design of user interfaces (UI)
  • Design more understandable and well-arranged dashboards
  • Intuitive software functionality

Visualization of process and machine data in real time

Monitoring clearly displays the status of complex systems as a dashboard. The collected data is the basis for

  • Fault analysis
  • Early detection of faults
  • Optimization of the overall system
  • Review of changes

When a system becomes more complex over time, monitoring helps ensure stable operation.

Alarms and early, automatic notifications help build an early warning system that measurably improves production stability.

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance of machines based on their actual condition saves time and money. Maintenance intervals are often pessimistic assumptions about the condition of a machine.

If the utilization of a machine is above average, problems can also become apparent within a maintenance interval. With monitoring, early warning signals are detected and production downtimes are avoided.

Optimize resources

Energy management according to ISO 50001 is just one reason to keep an eye on resource consumption in the company.

Continuous optimization saves money and ensures sustainability.

The introduction of resource management can take place step by step and be tailored to the company’s goals.


Detect anomalies

Artificial intelligence learns which data is regularly generated during normal operation of a production plant or machine. Deviations are then detected automatically. Maintenance personnel or other responsible parties receive a message via suitable communication channels.

Cell phones, e-mail or permanently installed monitors show the unusual system status. In this way, it is possible to react at an early stage and avoid a system failure.

System analysis

What is the potential of your system? How can software help to use this potential?

Costly new investments can perhaps be avoided if hidden potential is found and exploited. In particular, the digitalization of existing processes or digital transformation offers many opportunities for this.

Contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation.

Unused data

Production environments constantly produce data that remains unused. We help to track down this data and make it usable.

When you bring together data from different sources, a completely new picture often emerges.

Data not only provides ideas for new opportunities, but is the “X-ray vision” for your system.

Potential for automation

Some processes can be easily automated. Other processes and workflows are not suitable for this.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation, we help to analyze and evaluate your production and business processes and to assess the costs and risks of automation.

Reduce complexity

Analyze the workplaces in your company with us.

What complexity is evident to your employees? What degree of uncertainty in decision-making is evident? What contribution does software make to causing or avoiding problems?

With a user experience analysis (UX) at the workplace, you can identify further potential for optimization.