About us

Fast response to changing markets, flexible automation and cross organizational integration are the key features for the industrial landscape of the future. With more than 15 year experience in industrial automation wobe-systems GmbH combines cutting edge software technologies, new architectures and organizational change management to make innovative visions a reality.

More than 15 years experience

Developing industrial software applications since 2001, we’ve learned to know about challenges and pitfalls in critical production environments. Our emphasis is on the integration of new and old systems, machinery and IT infrastructure.

Individual Software development

Together with our customers we find the best solution and, if necessary, adapt it continuously to new requirements. Our own open source libraries, reliable software components and modern IT systems are the foundation of our tool box.

We offer:

  • Fast and reliable user interfaces with a strong emphasis on usability in production environments for OS-X, Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Development for relational and distributed NoSQL databases.
  • Native App development for Android and iOS.
  • Modern internet browser applications.
  • Solutions for embedded devices for IoT applications
  • … and more

Service, Support and more

Nothing is as constant as change. That’s why we offer:

  • A complete package to ensure long term service for our solutions.
  • 24/7 support hotline to help with problems or questions anytime it is required.
  • Modifications to address changing requirements as well as updates and upgrades for future challenges.
  • The operating and monitoring of the involved IT infrastructure at our customers site or in the Cloud, if desired.

Projects and Products

For our sister company wobe-team GmbH, we’ve developed products for prepress automation, workflow and quality management of newspaper printing. The products have an emphasis on high availability, scalability and speed. The UI was designed to be safely operated by people with low or no IT and Computer knowledge.